Conference Paper

Conference Paper

Measuring Systemic Risk in the Caribbean: a Preliminary Analysis

D. Tracy Polius
DeLisle Worrell
Caribbean Centre for Money and Finance

This paper addresses the concept of systemic risk in the context of an increasingly financially
integrated Caribbean region, which has not developed significant regional regulatory capacity.
The paper examines the level of financial integration across the region with the objective of
indentifying the factors which are likely to inhibit the measurement and monitoring of systemic
risk in the Caribbean. These factors include the presence of complex ownership structures and
interdependencies between financial institutions, the nature of the payment and settlement
system across the region, the role of systemically important financial institutions, differences in
regulatory frameworks across the region and paucity of data needed for monitoring systemic

Central Bank of Barbados

43rd Annual Monetary Studies Conference Financial Architecture and Economic Prospects Beyond the Crisis in the Caribbean

15th - 18th November 2011
The Caribbean Centre for Monetary Studies
Trinidad and Tobago
St. Augustine